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We serve clients in the mining, energy, infrastructure and banking sectors, principally in respect of capital markets transactions, corporate/commercial matters, mergers & acquisitions, project finance, and public-private partnerships.

Our lawyers are qualified in multiple jurisdictions and fluent in a number of languages. We work in Africa, Europe, North and South America, as well as the CIS and China.

Our Practices Areas

Civil Law

Civil law under the Swiss Civil Code and the Swiss Code of Obligations, in particular; law of persons; law of associations and foundations; marital law; divorce and separation; family law; kinship law; law of succession; protection of minors and adults; and property law.

Contract Law

Contract law covers agreements between individuals, between individuals and companies, or between companies, in particular: enforcement of contractual rights; negotiation and drafting of contracts, rules, articles of association, general terms and conditions as well as contract litigation, in particular: sale, exchange, loan, fixed-terms loan,...

Banking Law

Advisory, representation and litigation on issues in relation to banking activities, in particular: general legal advisory to banks; legal relationship between banks and customers; contracts with banks; private and public banking law; banking contracts; beneficiaries of bank accounts and deposits,..

International Law

Advisory, representation and litigation on issues of international jurisdiction of Swiss courts and authorities in matters of international private and commercial law; applicable in matters of international private and commercial law before Swiss courts and authorities; recognition and execution of foreign decisions in Switzerland.

Criminal Law

Advisory and representation of individuals and companies in criminal procedures, both defendants and victims, in matters of general and white-collar criminal law. Advisory and representation in criminal procedures, in particular: system of criminal justice; rights of parties; legal assistance between cantons; prosecution authorities; etc.

Corporate Law

Advisory, representation and litigation on issues in relation to corporate activities,such as advisory on the choice of company name and incorporation; registration of companies; restructuring and transformation of companies; drafting of articles of association and corporate contracts for general partnerships, capital increase.

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Alroy B Alarie

Business & investment Consultant

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Dylan Adams

Criminal Consultant

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Gloria Edwards

Corporate Consultant

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Josh Dunn

Banking Consultant


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Our firm combines the skills, experience, and judgment that can only be derived through years at top law firms with the flexibility and value that can only be provided in a small firm environment.
We focus on business litigation and employment. We are nationally and Internationally recognized for our work handling trade secret and noncompete matters.
Our firm combines attorneys with complementary expertise and practical experience. In addition, all of our attorneys are recognized by their peers as leaders in their fields. We have the passion, commitment, and experience necessary to guide our clients through their legal challenges. We’re ready to help.
We provide comprehensive advice to our clients in legal matters and endeavor to provide solution and goal-oriented recommendations.

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